Are You Covered in Bug Bites?

Get tick and mosquito control services in Windham, ME. We serve Cumberland, York, Androscoggin, Oxford and Sagadahoc.

Don't spend the summer scratching mosquito bites and living in fear of ticks. Bullseye Pest Services, LLC provides custom mosquito and tick control services in Windham, Maine. Our team will spray your yard and the perimeter of your house to eliminate bugs. We also offer all-natural treatments that are safer for the environment than regular mosquito and tick control formulas. We'll make a plan that fits the needs of your home, depending on your location and preferences.

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    Three Main Ticks

    Deer Tick

    Dog Tick

    Lone Star Tick

      Schedule regular or one-time mosquito spraying

      It's hard to enjoy your yard when you're concerned about bugs. Both mosquitos and ticks can carry disease and cause painful infections. If your yard is plagued by ticks or mosquitos, we can come out to apply an effective treatment. We'll work with you to plan tick and mosquito control services on the schedule you prefer.

      Don't surrender to ticks and mosquitos. Take back control of your yard by getting pest control services from Bullseye Pest Services, LLC in Windham, Maine.