Commercial Rodent Control

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Are Rodents Taking Over Your Business?

Get commercial rodent control services in Windham, Scarborough or Portland, ME

Are mice and rats running rampant through your business? We can help. Bullseye Pest Services, LLC provides commercial rodent control services in Portland, Windham and Scarborough, ME. We use a combination of traps and baits to get rid of the rodents that are living in your walls, roof, attic and crawl space. You can also rely on us to block entryways to prevent rodents from returning.

Our rodent removal experts will return to your property until every last rodent is gone.

See why business owners prefer to work with Bullseye Pest Services

Bullseye Pest Services offers commercial rodent control services in the Windham, Scarborough and Portland, ME areas. Our experienced pest control company adheres to local bait and trap placement regulations. We can also:

  • Help your business avoid fines and costly downtime
  • Save you money by preventing food contamination
  • Reduce the risk of a fire outbreak caused by damaged wiring
  • Create a healthier work environment

Contact us today to schedule commercial rodent control services. Our pest control company will show you how to prevent future infestations.